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Steve Gray Gas Services offers a wide range of services throughout East and West Sussex for both domestic and commercial clients. I offer installation, service, and maintenance of gas-fired boilers, gas fires, cookers, warm air units, and gas-fired water heaters. I can also install and maintain smart controls such as Hive and Nest, and perform Legionella risk assessments for Landlords.

For Landlords, I offer a comprehensive landlord gas safety inspection service, hot water tank/cylinder replacement (including unvented systems), installation of radiators and radiator valves, and Legionella risk assessments.

I also undertake repairs to plumbing systems, such as defective toilets and replacement of taps, as well as installation of outside taps and replacement of Saniflo products and cold water tanks.

In Commercial properties, I specialise in the installation, service, and maintenance of gas-fired boilers and direct-fired heating, as well as testing, certification, and purging of commercial gas pipework. I also install unvented hot water units in both domestic and commercial premises and hold the G3 certification required when working on such units.

I attend Emergency Call-outs for no heating or hot water, gas leaks, water leaks (both heating and hot & cold water services), defective boilers, and overflow issues. I install a range of boilers from top manufacturers and can offer manufacturers’ warranties for 5, 7, or 10 years, depending on the specific manufacturer and model of boiler.

At Steve Gray Gas Services, I pride myself on providing excellent customer service and high-quality workmanship.

Gas and Heating Services

Installation, Service and Maintenance of Gas Fired Appliances and Warm Air Units.

Gas Safety Inspection, Legionella Risk Assessments, Radiator & Smart Control Installations

Testing, Certification and Purging of Gas Pipework. Installation of Gas and Direct Fired Heating.


Corgi HomePlan Insurance

Steve Gray Gas Services is an accredited partner of Corgi HomePlan Insurance. If you have purchased Corgi HomePlan Insurance for your boiler, Steve is now registered as one of their fully vetted and experienced contractors.

Which? Trusted Trader

Steve Gray Gas Services is now an accredited partner of Which? Trusted Traders.

APHC Member

Steve Gray Gas Services is now a member of the Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors Limited.

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The manufacturer states this should be done annually.
If your boiler is under warranty then to keep the warranty active it MUST be done annually.
We can service any boiler no matter how old.
As gas regulations would have changed since the installation date you may be advised of some changes in these regulations that may require additional work to comply with safety issues.
Most common issues I find with older appliances relate to ventilation requirements. Steve can advise you on any requirements when he attends your property.

Depending on the make and model it generally takes around 45 min to 1 hour to complete.

During the service call Steve will arrange to attend within an agreed time frame.
When on site Steve will check the operation of your boiler and system controls.
The boiler will be inspected as per the specification of the manufacturers recommendations. This helps to ensure the boiler is working efficiently and most importantly is safe.
Due to the change in building regulations I now also carry out a " health check " on the quality of water in the heating system / radiators and test for inhibitor.
Steve will leave you with an electronic job sheet detailing what he did, his findings, relevant recommendations and will also complete any paperwork you may have that will ensure any manufacturers warranty is maintained.
In reality you can get your boiler serviced at any time throughout the year.
A lot of people wait until they actually turn the heating on so say October.
October is fine but please bear in mind this will be Steve's busiest time also repairing heating breakdowns so maybe take this pinch point into consideration.
If you have a manufacturers warranty then this must be serviced annually as per manufacturers warranty guidelines. This date will be on or slightly before the installation anniversary date.
Gas Safe Register is the official gas registration body for the UK. It replaced what was the Corgi registration scheme.
The role of Gas Safe is to act as a licensing body on behalf of the HSE.
Generally speaking no !
A traditional plumber will work on hot, cold water systems, toilets and bathrooms.
A heating engineer that is Gas safe registered and holds the certification of competency for the work they are undertaking can only work on a gas boiler.
However it's common these days that most engineers are qualified plumbers and gas engineers (as we are).
Always ask to see your engineers Gas Safe ID card ! This will detail what gas appliances and systems they are competent to work on.
You must have your property inspected every 12 months by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.
They will carry out detailed checks on any Gas Appliances and also test the Gas Pipework in the property.
As of October 2022 you must also have a Carbon Monoxide Alarm in each room that contains a Gas Heating Appliance.
Firstly check that if you have a thermostatic radiator valve fitted that this is turned on to a level that will bring the radiator on.
Next step would be to check system pressure if you have a combination or system boiler. This should be set at 1 bar (this is generally displayed on your boiler on a gauge or digital screen).
If the system is up to pressure then check to see if the radiator is clear of air.
You will need a radiator bleed key to do this and we advise using a cloth to catch any drips of water.
Ensure your boiler is not heating up when you check radiators for air.
Generally the radiator will be hot at the bottom and cold at the top, this would indicate air.
Good system water quality will help reduce air being a problem and an inhibitor would be an advantage.
Remember air in a system can cause unnecessary corrosion of radiators and is also inefficient.
If the above does not resolve the problem then please contact Steve for a site visit.
All boilers installed must now be of condensing design.
A condensing boiler increases energy efficiency by recovering hot gases that are normally expelled through the flue (chimney)
This allows a condensing boiler to convert more than 90% of the fuel it uses into heat, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.
Condensing boilers are available in 3 basic models
1 - Combination boiler- Fed directly off the water main with no need for any hot water storage in an airing cupboard or cold water storage in the loft.
2 - System boiler - This boiler still requires a hot water storage in an airing cupboard. Quite often these days the hot water storage would be of unvented design.
The heating circuit / radiators require filling of water by a filling loop or specific boiler manufacturers design.
3 - Heat only boiler / conventional boiler - This boiler still requires hot water storage as described above.
The heating circuit / radiators are fed from a small header tank that is generally located in the loft.
Still unsure of your system? Then feel free to use the enquiry form on the website to contact Steve and send boiler information and any associated pictures.
Solar panels are used to absorb heat from the sun and then use it to heat hot water for your home.
Providing the system has been sized appropriately, solar thermal heating can provide 50 - 70% of your homes hot water needs.
Contact Steve via the contact form for further information.
I will always install magnetic filters as part of the process of any new boiler installation.
Its always a good idea to fit a filter within your heating system so that any dirt, debris or sludge can be caught before it damages your system or boiler.
Installation time varies between and boiler models and property type.
Most installations are completed within 2 days.
Steve will advise you on installation time when he provides a quotation to undertake the work.
All new boilers installed by Steve Gray Gas Services come with warranties.
The length of manufacturers warranty depends on make and model.
I am able to offer 10 year manufactures warranties on many products - Subject to manufacturers installation and service requirements.
All workmanship is guaranteed for 12 months from installation.
I can maintain your new or existing boiler even if we did not install it.
Contact Steve for more information.
I don't recommend turning radiators off completely as it can cause condensation.
However to save energy and money you can turn down to a lower setting.
A power flush removes the build up of debris and sludge from your central heating system by pumping a chemical solution through the radiators and associated pipework.
This will make the system run more effectively and can result in lower energy costs. It can also help cure system noise and extend the life of your boiler and system.
I have fully comprehensive liability insurance cover.
Documents can be provided upon request.
A thermostatic radiator valve will control the temperature of an individual room or area.
They are fitted to your radiators around your home.
Note - The heating will need to be on to produce heat from the boiler, most basic thermostatic valves to not have the ability to switch the boiler or main heating on.

1 Boiler Installation Plants 1 Tree

I have now partnered with The Tree App to plant a tree every time I install a boiler. I am committed to help fight climate change. 

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